DMK’s Route to the Future

Two years ago, DMK set out on an exciting journey. The company’s goal is to become the preferred food manufacturer for millions of consumers. MILCHWELT spells out where the changes will be and why the way forward can only succeed if we work together

Consumers usually want everything. Happy animals, environmental protection, healthy food that tastes delicious and all that at the right price. They order food online and talk shop on social media platforms about the latest ice cream flavours or the best veggie drinks. Nutrition is no longer only about food intake but has become more about lifestyle. As in fashion, there are always new trends, some classics and now and again, an idea gains a cult following. In the future, DMK wants to react faster to these developments and move forward as a company on a path that is clear to everyone internally and externally. That’s why Vision 2030 sets out a clear target vision for everyone at DMK, spanning all six business units.


In the past, we focused on the raw material. The company focused on milk processing for mass market segments

Our focus is increasingly on the customer. DMK is developing food that fulfills people’s desires and triggers their emotions

The key point is that the consumer is our main focus. In future, DMK wants to change in six ways:

1. Value added comes before volume growth. We’re withdrawing from some areas of business and focusing our product range and services in order to earn money in certain segments even if the market isn’t growing.

2. Europe is our home market. We will organise our business here better by reassigning some areas within the business units.

3. Outside Europe, we’re focusing on a few strong core countries and will set up regional bases with local teams in Russia, China or Nigeria.

4. We’re entering drink and food segments that will become a pillar of our business in the future alongside dairy products, such as plant-based alternatives.

5. We are repositioning ourselves from being a volume player in the dairy business to becoming a provider of good products of natural origin.

6. We are deepening our understanding of our customers and will target our communications with individual generations from infants to seniors.

Marco Bode, a European football star (interview pages 30–31), drew some parallels with sport. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s eleven players in a game, or the many people of DMK: you have to keep developing the team. If you stand still today, you’ll be playing in the second league tomorrow.” He heads Werder Bremen’s supervisory board team and added, “DMK faces some challenges. You have to be willing to change if you want to succeed in a changing competitive environment and keep ahead!” In 2017, the change process started for Vision 2030 and it is continually being implemented by the six business units. The target is clearly defined: DMK 2030 – the first choice for dairy products of natural origin. For always. CEO Ingo Müller said, “We want to be the first choice for all consumers at every phase of their lives. Our focus is on our customers and consumers. That’s why we are working on tomorrow’s products. We’re Germany’s largest dairy cooperative. We know how to get the best out of our milk.”

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